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Good news! Sanruntian won the title of "guangdong province high growth smes"
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The ministry of industry and information technology of guangdong province recently released the public list of high-growth smes in guangdong province in 2019, and a total of 439 enterprises have been selected. Based on the excellent growth in recent years, dongguan sanruntian intelligent technology co., ltd. was successfully selected and awarded the title of "2018 guangdong province high-growth small and medium-sized enterprise".

List of high-growth smes in guangdong province in 2019


According to the notice of the commission of economy and informatization of guangdong province on the issuance of the selection method for high-growth small and medium-sized enterprises, a number of high-growth small and medium-sized enterprises with good growth potential, strong competitiveness, obvious technological advantages, strong independent innovation ability and development potential, and novel management mode will be selected in the whole province in 2019. Among them, the key selection of advanced manufacturing, modern services, strategic emerging industries and traditional competitive industries, good operating conditions, prominent main business, strong technological innovation and investment capacity, clear development strategy, large scale growth potential of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The application for the high growth of small and medium-sized enterprises in the research and development, sales and innovation, and other aspects to meet the strict requirements. High-growth small and medium-sized enterprises refer to the small and medium-sized enterprises whose main business and development focus are in line with the national industrial policy and related requirements, with strong technological innovation and financing capacity, and with outstanding development speed, efficiency and quality. Enterprises are required to spend more than 3% of their sales revenue on research and development, and the annual average growth rate of their main business revenue and total profits in the past two years is more than 20%.

As an innovative enterprise providing comprehensive intelligent manufacturing solutions, dongguan sanruntian has always attached great importance to technological innovation and research and development, and continuously explored, innovated and deepened its application. Keep up with the market pulse, and always stand in the forefront of intelligent equipment manufacturing with forward-looking vision and advanced thinking. From 2015 to 2017, the company's annual performance has doubled compared with the previous year, maintaining a good growth momentum.

The selection of high-growth smes in guangdong province in 2019 is undoubtedly a full recognition of sanruntian's comprehensive strength. Next, our company will continue to play its advantages, deep research in the field of intelligent manufacturing, continue to create value for customers.

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